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The Authors feel a great pleasure in presenting petrodice online test series in the hands of young petroleum engineers. After graduation, a petroleum engineer has to appear in gate exam for seeking a good job in ONGC or to get into Mtech programs in India’s prestigious institutes like IIT Madras, IIT(ISM) Dhanbadetc , he/she has to answer objective type questions and numerical type questions. The present online test series has been prepared by keeping in mind, the syllabus prescribed by gate examination.
The online test series contains a total of 30 tests covering the entire syllabus of petroleumengineering. In some of the questions the engineer is supposed to memorize certain formulae and expressions, in others he/she is supposed to know the concepts, basic assumptions and theories, fundamental methods some of the questions several answers may appear to be correct but the student has to select the most appropriate some of the questions, the depth of the working knowledge of the student is tested. The aim of this online test series is not to give a large number of questions for a student to memorize but to train him in selecting the most probable answer.
This test series may prove to be immense value to the undergraduate students who may test their comprehension of the subject.
The special feature of this test series is that, if u have a question which needs a solution you can talk to us or send it to us from your account by taking a photo of the question and uploading it to us. Use this feature carefully by sending questions which u and ur friends cannot solve as we will reply back within 36hrs and we will receive questions up to December 31st 2019 only. hence register this test series as soon as possible and send the questions which u cannot answer for solutions.

Although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, yet some errors might have crept in and the authors will be grateful if the same could be brought to their notice.


PETRODICE is an extensive Online Test Series for petroleum engineering students which provides a platform to students to boost their GATE preparation by bench marking themselves against thousands of serious GATE aspirants across the country. Test series is designed considering the pattern of previous years GATE papers and ensures to resemble with the standard of GATE. Question papers of Petrodice are designed by experts as per the syllabus of GATE 2020 and meet the quality of GATE questions and to know the quality of our questions register with our test series and try our free model paper.

Key features of Petrodice Test Series:

  • Subject-wise practice tests: Solve the specially designed subject-wise practice tracks,. We highly recommend solving these question before attempting the Full syllabus test .Petrodice consists of 20 subject-wise test with time limit of 60 Minutes and 4 full subject tests which have more weightage in gate with a time limit of 120 minutes.
  • Full syllabus tests: There will be SIX full length Mock tests, consisting of 65 questions with 3hrs Time limit.
  • Learning while solving: Question will cover the concepts in such a way that it will help GATE aspirants to get clearer insight of the concepts. Also, detailed explanations will be provided after the completion of test. It will help the aspirants to improve the weak concepts and understand problem-solving techniques.
  • Online Support: if the explanation in the testseries didn’t satisfy you,u can ask your doubts online (even if u can’t understand any concept or u can’t solve a question) u can send the question to us where we will send you the solution with explanation
  • Focused on subjects with more marks weightage: Questions will be focused on high weighted topics and subjects. PetrodiceTest series is designed considering the pattern of previous years GATE papers and syllabus of GATE 2020. More number of tests are provided in more weightage subjects.(Reservoir- 3tests Drilling – 4tests Production-4tests )
  • Resembles with GATE questions: Test papers are designed by a team of experts, in order to meet the quality of GATE questions. Solving these question will help students to overcome the weaknesses and perform better in actual paper.
  • Frequency of tests and time: At least one test will be uploaded for every 4 days and the schedule and time are click here>>>

Other Features from software point of view:

  • Synchronization of online test on Web and Mobile/Tablet App which is accessible 24/7
  • Instant scorecard after submitting the online test
  • All India ranking available which helps in knowing the current performance
  • Question wise solution and explanation
  • Detailed reports are available for proper Test Analysis
  • Analyse performance by comparing with toppers
  • Bookmark questions and review them anytime
  • Focus on weak areas and concentrate more on it
  • Seamlessly switch between the mobile application and your Desktop / Laptop
  • Suspend and Resume anytime – anywhere on your Android Device.

Ask your doubts?

Got a difficult doubt or a challenging problem? Just take the photo of your study-problem and SEND it through your test series account we will get back to you with solution and explanation Use this feature carefully by sending questions which you and your friends cannot solve as we will reply back within 36hrs and we will receive questions up to December 31st 2019 only

How to use it?
A button named “ASK A DOUBT” will be visible to you in your test account. on pressing the button there will be option for uploading of images or videos. Take the photo of question which u can’t solve and upload through it and we will send u the solution within 36 hours of uploading time and only who has purchased the online test series can use this feature.

Note:-Please don’t misuse this feature