[ A Sister Concern of Petrodice Academy ]


                       Dice Publications – a unit of PETRODICE academy is publishing books for GATE preparation. We are  producing quality print products in both content and forms. This is reflected in our attention to detail in layout and design, photography and contents. All books are prepared by our expert faculty members. All books are unique and first of its kind, our GATE books contain previous years questions with solutions both subject wise and chapter wise. GATE Aspirants can easily prepare for the exam by understanding and solving questions subject wise and chapter wise with the help of our material. Presently our main focus is on Petroleum engineering books for GATE preparation.

PETRODICE Academy provides its students with the comprehensively designed study material that gives students concept clearance and give the confidence to understand the topic in an easy manner. PETRODICE Academy provides all text books of subjects which have easy explanations including previous year’s questions banks.  At regular intervals study material is thoroughly revised and more number of quality questions are added.


ISBN No: 978-81-955866-4-6

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-5-3

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-6-0

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-7-7

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-3-9

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-2-2

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-9-1

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-1-5

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-8-4

ISBN No: 978-81-955866-0-8